Have a sneak peek.

You can now visit Onregistry in beta. Be among a select group of beta testers who are participating in the world’s first registry of its kind. It’s free and we would love to get your feedback.

How do I participate?

We only need your name and email. That’s it! You’ll receive an email from us confirming that your access to Onregistry has been enabled. There is nothing to download or install.

What is beta testing?

Beta testing is the second phase of software development in which a sampling of the intended audience tries the product out. We think of it as our collaboration with you, the beta tester, where you participate in the development of our eventual public release.


Your portfolio and items registered during beta will continue throughout the beta program and be available upon Onregistry’s public release. Your registrations will not be lost.

What else do I need to know?

Nothing! We welcome your participation. Keep in mind Onregistry is still in beta development which means some functions and services may not be available or work as expected. The site may also contain minor errors or inaccuracies. However, nothing will have any effect on your local computer. There is nothing downloaded so testing is completely risk-free.

Ready? Take us for a spin.

Sign up for beta access to Onregistry in under a minute and it’s entirely free.